About Us


One Crooked Tree Web Agency

We are a web agency in Northern Virginia and Richmond, which provides bespoke fully integrated digital services through the most advanced strategy development and implementation of web sites , e-commerce full-service and at MobileĀ  iOS & Android.

One Crooked Tree is a web agency in constant evolution since 2018 and is constituted in 4 departments, highly specialized in design, technology, outsourced program management and SEO that work literally side by side.

We have concentrated our experience in nutra and e-commerce, but we accept the challenges. Our collaborations have given life to different projects united by a methodology of analysis and research that makes the team pro-active on diversified sectors.

We are united in listening to the customer’s idea and, together, we transform it into a project that we carry out, guaranteeing contractually the security that every single part is analyzed, designed and implemented according to the best technology on the market, correct specifications, timing regular and our experience.

We do not consider only the product born from the idea, but we also study the sector in which it operates, we forecast the context and we analyze the competitors. In this way, we are able to think and implement new internally coded technology solutions that can distinguish our customers from their competitors.

Time is a key factor for us: all internal processes and relationships with the outside are constantly monitored by a software of our invention to punctually meet deadlines because we know very well how strategic it is for a company to be in the right place at the right moment.

As a web agency, we have gained strong skills in the creation of responsive e-commerce sites , where the shopping experience is so perfect that the customer only has to concentrate on the product. We have worked hard to create practical, efficient and fast processes to improve people’s lives: architecture, security and speed are the foundations on which a design experience rests, probably unique in Northern Virginia and Richmond.

In parallel to the launch,One Crooked Tree supports its customers with strategic advice and operational tactics of web marketing.

Targeted actions of onsite SEO optimally position our websites or e-commerce on Google and the creation of original and quality content organic refinement, generating qualified traffic.

Communication, monitoring and insertions with optimal CTR for desktop, mobile and tablet on Facebook and the main social networks, with the skillful management of crisis situations, create brand recognition and awareness with the implementation of effective direct email marketing campaigns customized for different segments of your audience.

One Crooked Tree is highly educated on SEM campaigns of qualified traffic acquisition and remarketing through Google AdWords to intercept the demand in already existing markets that a possible unexpressed demand. Our goal is not to generate quantitative traffic to impress the customer with large numbers, but to filter users with a greater propensity to purchase in order to maximize ROI at the lowest possible cost.

To build your website, your mobile app or your campaign, we start from your business. We understand your brand, your positioning and your marketing strategy. We collect quantitative and qualitative data to get as much information as possible about the end user, advising our partner to choose alternative routes: from experience we know that the biggest mistake you can make in an online business is to stay firm on the initial idea.

It is the era in which users continually adopt new technologies, new business models and whose behavior changes more rapidly. Companies work with us to understand the needs of their users and to meet those needs with innovative products and services.

One Crooked Tree helps companies succeed in the digital age.


Do you need a Web Agency for your next big project? Talk to us: our offices are in Northern Virginia and Richmond; our customers are from around the country and from around the world.