At the beginning of any communication effort, brands define a company’s history and messages.

Digital technologies are changing the way consumers interact with products and services. Brands today have to recognize customers as people and not as passive users. One Crooked Tree deals with branding trying to understand how these can live online and off-line.

The strategy with which we deal with branding allows us to create and bring to life brands in the digital environment, marrying creativity, research, design and business objectives. When we understand what problems a company solves, we can define the digital vision for that brand and translate it into successful products, services and campaigns.



A brand is the visual system that expresses the personality and values of a company, defines its language and its location.

One Crooked Tree follows its customers in the definition of their brand identity, providing an identity manual consisting of typography, color palette, marketing collateral.


What are the experiences that customers must have when they live your brand in the digital world? For customers with traditional brand strategies, One Crooked Tree team takes care of transposing from offline to online, thinking of new strategies with which to make brands live on the Web.


One Crooked Tree team works to create names, logos and identity systems that are able to tell the story and the value of its customers’ products and services, making them stand out from competitors and relevant to their users.


One Crooked Tree is able to define clear and easy to implement guidelines to make the brands live in digital and traditional form. From strategy to practical implementation, we provide all the services related to a brand, such as naming, values, architecture, history and messages.


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