One Crooked Tree helps companies grow their online audiences through organic SEO research and paid SEM. Technology, design, content and social activities are the foundation for building long-term relationships with users.

In the current scenario, where the algorithms that govern the functioning of Google are constantly evolving, we are convinced that only companies that know how to manage their SEO and inbound marketing activities can succeed.


The success of a site can not be separated from its contents. We see them as a strategic lever to get the best positioning on the search engines compared to competitors.

We provide recommendations on the keywords to be used for the contents of a site, based on search volumes, user conversations, competitive scenario and market trends.


Increasingly, search engines are taking social signals into account as a parameter for website positioning.

Consequently it is now essential to transmit the “social authority” to its website. We work on the editorial content of our customers, to ensure that they are used and shared as much as possible even on social media.


Turning users into customers is the goal of every project.

Telling the story behind the project is the strategy that drives One Crooked Tree to create quality content and linear processes to give users the best possible digital experience.

We know that people interested in an idea, a story or a project just need to be reached.

We know how to do it and we have enough experience to intercept them using the tools with which it is easier to reach them.

Through segmented profiles, targeted announcements and the creation of personalized audiences, we use Google AdWords and the traffic acquisition tools made available by Facebook and the main social networks.

You will hear about you.


For a website, being and appearing have the same importance.

The most captivating e-commerce graphically, usable by users, more secure in transactions or in the processing of sensitive data does not exist if it is not optimally positioned in the SERP of Google.

Our SEO technique is packaged artfully through 3 tactics: each site designed, designed and developed by One Crooked Tree is responsive to adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile, is optimized on the technical side to meet all the evaluation requirements of Google in terms of speed, goodness of the semantic and micro data code, and organic side for the contents tracked by the search engine spider.

We complete our strategy with offsite SEO tools through inbound linking and the creation of original and quality content for the drafting of blogging articles.


Do you need a Web Agency for your next big project? Talk to us: our offices are in Northern Virginia and Richmond; our customers are from around the country and from around the world.